Monday, September 27, 2010

i made salsa because leah has rett syndrome

really, i did. 

we went apple picking last weekend and decided to stop at a local farmstand on the way home to pick up some other produce. as we were in the checkout line, the checker handed leah a lollipop. i was busy paying, so i couldn't take the lollipop from him for her. i simply said, "she can't use her hands. i'm sorry."

he looked a bit confused and wanted more of an explanation. i'm never sure how much information people want, so i usually give them the short version unless they ask for more. too much information often makes people feel awkward and i walk away feeling like a circus freak. so, short version, i said, "she has a neurological disorder and is unable to use her hands in a functional way."

"oh," was all he replied. but he had a somber look on his face and you could tell the wheels in his head were turning. 

then he began to talk her expecting a response from her in return. 

"she can't speak either," i explained. 

"what?! well, she'll be able to learn right?" 

not really in the mood to discuss things in great detail, i smiled and said, "not unless they find a cure."

the man was in shock. he had never heard of such a thing and was truly interested. we continued to talk about how she was born "normal" then digressed and what her future might look like. i handed him a purple card {more on that friday} and he seemed satisfied. as i was walking away, he said, "please. take these." it was a bag of peppers. all shapes, sizes and colors. 

i graciously accepted the gift because it was so kind, all the while wondering what in the world i was going to do with a ginormous bag of peppers. 

so, i made salsa. and it was yum. not the best i've ever had, but the first i've ever made solo and i think it was a success. i even whipped out the chopper for the second time since we received it for our wedding. and it made me wonder why i don't use it more often. that thing is awesome!

so, thanks leah. and thanks rett syndrome. because of you we could enjoy a nice, fresh batch of chips and salsa. how's that for some silver lining?


Shannon said...

Salsa is good. I am sure that your salsa was divine. I am touched at people's big hearts. Expressions of love come in all shapes and sizes, don't they. Even better when you can make salsa out of it! That Leah, she is one spectacular little lady.

Amy W said...

I love this post! I am going to eat ice cream tonight because I have diabetes... hmmm... okay maybe it doesn't relate...
Sweet Leah!!

Colleen said...

This brought such a smile to my face! I made salsa on Friday night, also because Claire has Rett. Nobody gave me a bag of peppers, rather I purchased 10# of heirlooms because for some reason, playing with knives seems to help with the pain of Rett. This Friday I have purchased 20#, with the study and the stroll, I figured it would be good to get a little extra out before the weekend :-) Claire is looking forward to her playdate with Leah!

Kristen said...

I would have given you a bag of peppers too just because Leah is so darn cute. I'm glad you got those peppers because that salsa was de-lish. yum!