Friday, September 17, 2010

you asked for it, ryan

thanks to everyone who commented! i've got a good list started and i'll just keep adding to it if anyone ever has questions, so keep 'em coming. i got some great ideas for future posts.  

to keep the harmony in our home, i figured i should first entertain ryan's idea of providing a pre-game analysis for tomorrow's college football matchups. he thought he was being funny...when really he knows i always beat him with any kind of sports bracket. the truth is, i'm just better at calling the shots than he is. that's why he wanted my input.  

i randomly {okay, maybe they weren't all so random} chose five match-ups i'd like to analyze. i really dug deep. down to the nitty gritty facts, people. so here goes...

first off, alabama vs. duke. the blue devils and crimson tide go head to head tomorrow afternoon. alabama comes to the field with a no. 1 ranking and two wins under its belt. duke is still trying to shake off their first loss of the season from last week with wake forest. and, although i've just always liked duke for no real reason, i'm gonna have to go with alabama here. we lived in alabama for a summer and i really just wouldn't want to mess with those fans anyway. as you can see, mr. cutcliffe isn't amused with how i've called the game,  
but you wouldn't be amused either if you had to play a team with big al on their side.   
enough said. this one goes to alabama. 

second, stanford cardinal vs. wake forest demon deacons. i'll avoid the mascot battle here. i'm pretty sure a demon deacon would wail on a tree. i'm also pretty sure a majority of my neighborhood would wail on me if i chose anyone other than the cardinal. both teams are rushing the field with a flawless 2-0 record for the season, although stanford's wins are a bit more impressive. also, i own a stanford shirt and my daughter was born at the hospital on loyalties have to lie somewhere. this one goes to stanford.

third, unranked ohio vs. no. 2 ohio state. this is a biggie for all those in the buckeye state, so i figured i should call in the big guns. enter afton, my friend from ohio. she educated me on all things ohio. sure, ohioans might not know know the national anthem, but ask them for any line of "hang on sloopy" and, according to afton, you get a rousing rendition. she bleeds red AND gray {or is it grey?} and convinced me that ohio state always wins. and, if they don't win, "something fishy is going on, and you are usually safe blaming it on michigan, or someone from michigan, or someone who wore blue or yellow on game day." so, ohio state it is. and if they don't win, it's not their fault.

fourth, utah vs. new mexico. although haunting images of incredibly unfortunate looking (not to mention sweaty) men were photographed and hung on my wall in college, no thanks to a runnin' ute roomate, i think this game still has to go to utah. the fact that i can only name a handful of utah fans who can recite any part of the school fight song other than "a utah man am i" utterly disgusts me...but new mexico's combined 17 points from the past two games {against their opponent's combined 124} just isn't enough to convince me otherwise. i'm handing this one to the utes.

and finally, byu vs. florida state. both teams are coming off a win two weeks ago and a loss last week, the cougars have a new secret weapon on their side. i can't give too much information away, but the aforementioned secret weapon is my nephew and he was born last saturday. he kind of has a lot of say in the game. 

i'm blaming their loss last week on his 20+ hr. entrance into this world...he just wasn't able to give his full attention to the game. this week will be different. here we go cougars, here we go.

that's it for pre-game analysis. i'll have ryan chime in with a post-game discussion.


Emily P said...

I am a Utah Man, sir, and I live across the green, our gang it is the jolliest that you have ever seen. Our coeds are the fairest and each one a shining star.
Who am I sir a Utah Man am I!
A Utah Man, sir, will be til I die. Ki-yi!

I'm a proud U fan plus I had to learn the words because my husband is a UTAH MAN. Go Utes! By the way,I was out town last week, how did the Cougs do in Colorado Springs?

Kim said...

Ha, way to stick it to Ryan. Ever considered writing a sports column in your spare time? :)

Anytime you want some more UTE posters adorning your living space, I'll overnight them as soon as you say the word. AND, next time we are together, I'll sing all four verses of "Utah Man." Off-key, but still.

ed and kelli said...

hands down, one of your greatest posts ever. highly entertaining. loved every minute of it.

Jessica M said...

Maren, I had no idea you were so down with college sports, you impress me! Go cougars and Roll tide!

chrisbrems said...

Impressive. Great suggestion Ryan.

Erica said...

you're. just. too. much.

PS: my word verification word below is
woledism. id like you to write a post on the meaning of that word. sounds like it originates in the same region as alagonchy. (did i spell that right?)

Ann Marie said...

I, too, am impressed. I didn't realize you were so in-the-know about college sports. How do you and Ryan feel about the Kentucky Wildcats? Still crossing my fingers that your move will be closer in this direction! I think Leah would look pretty awesome in Kentucky blue.

Molly said...

I seriously thought this was hilarious. Ryan is one lucky guy!!

Afton said...

Was I right or was I right? And did you see the fight after?