Tuesday, September 28, 2010

carrie underpants

um, not sure why we call her that; my sister and i just always have. but, underwood or underpants, we love her. i'm not a huge concert-goer, but this was hands down my favorite concert. ever. 

ryan got me tickets for my birthday and it was the best present ever!

that girl can perform

she had multiple costume changes, her stage and set were incredible and she just knows how to put on a show! she even rode around the pavillion on a big, blue truck hung by trusses. 

she can play the guitar and the piano, she writes a lot of her songs and she. can. SING. wow. most people aren't nearly as good live as they are on their recordings and this girl did not miss a note, i swear. plus, she's just so darn cute.

ryan and i got gussied up in our most western attire, obviously. 

i would have worn my cowgirl hat, but i think he would have a been a bit embarrassed. he did humor me and wear his "western" shirt. thanks, ry. i made sure to thoroughly embarrass him with my signature invisible microphone anyway. he secretly loves it. and yes, i'm a nerd...but she told us to sing along!

sons of sylvia and billy currington both opened for her. pretty good shows, but she blew them both out of the water. we were thoroughly entertained by the couple in front of us - the guy was anything but interested in his date until they had a few beers in them. nice. 

it was a great show. if she's coming to your area, i highly recommend going. loved it. loved it. loved it. 

thanks, ry. love you.

let the birthday celebrations begin!! happy 29 to me!


carolee said...

Love the invisible microphone. I totally do that too and Bryce makes fun of me.

ed and kelli said...

he he carrie underpants. ed gets mad when i call her that.