Tuesday, September 21, 2010

here's to fall...

i'm loving today.

i put my head on the pillow last night with a big, fat migraine...and woke up this morning without one. that's a great start to a day. i ran some errands, picked up leah from school, had lunch with some lovely ladies and a nice, long chat with a good friend, taught piano {and both students practiced!!}, went to a local produce market with leah to pick out some nice, plump tomatoes for fresh salsa, got a package in the mail, became better acquainted with a new friend and neighbor, ate dinner, snuggled with my little girl {the same little girl who went potty after only sitting for 5 minutes today!}, welcomed home my hubby after a much-too-long day at work, watched glee, vegged to an episode of friends and snuggled into bed reading a good book.

and i did most of this while wearing a new, purple cardigan...which was relatively needed today...because it's FALL! and it feels like fall!

september 21st might be one of my favorite days of the year. the crisp, cool air. the deep, burning colors all around. the pumpkins, the spices, the parties, the friends, the family, the memories.

when i was little, fall brought school. i know, i might be in the minority here and i'm definitely admitting i'm a nerd, but i actually LIKED school. i liked the social aspect of it in addition to the academics. i had some great teachers and loved learning and grasping onto new concepts. i put my all into projects and was usually pleased with the final project. i had friends who also liked school and we became each others best competition to stretch and better ourselves. i can honestly say i loved going into a test - especially if i was prepared {and i usually was} - and coming out even happier with a successful load lifted. school is no more for me, but i still find great satisfaction in learning new things and stretching myself in a way i never though possible. for some reason, i always am revived in the fall to do just this.

fall brings my birthday. i love my birthday and i'm not shy about it. i think everyone has the right to love their birthday. a day just for you, you know? in the past few years i've started to give gifts for my birthday. four years ago, i gave one to my mom to annouce the arrival of little miss leah. that was fun. this year i'm going to give away a few things via this blog {so stay tuned!}.

fall brings holidays and thoughtfulness and gratitude and beauty. and i hope to make the most of it this year.

if there is one thing i love most about california it would have to be the fall. it isn't necessarily breathtaking as it was growing up in utah or finishing the NYC marathon amidst the brilliant colors of central park. you have to search a little to find it, but when you do, it's amazing. and, because the weather is so mild, fall lasts for an incredibly long time. and during a season that should be full of family {and ours hasn't been for the past three years}, that long-lasting autumn sure helps.

so here's to cardigans.
here's to boots.
here's to leaves and brilliant colors and cool air.
here's to friends and family and yummy food.
here's to holidays and traditions and memories.
here's to fall.



Emily said...

I love fall too Maren! Best time of year. :) October is my birthday and I love that I was born in the mist of Fall, with all the warmth of family and friends! :) Thanks for sharing! I wish we had trees with fall leaves and cool weather in Florida right now!

ed and kelli said...

ditto. we drove up the mountains in spanish fork yesterday and i instantly hated that i lived in douglas during utah's fall. :( i even put on a sweatshirt just cause it was 50 degrees and i could! i love your birthday too. it's fun giving you things, speaking of, we got your gift.. just waiting a till i get back home to mail it:)

Molly said...

Amen and amen. Hurray for Fall!!!

Lori and Matt said...

Totally agree... AND I need a good book to read, what are you reading right now?

Karen Hauley said...

Ah Ha! September really IS your favorite month! The leaves are especially beautiful this year - I drove to Heber last Friday and loved every minute of it.

Rob and Marseille said...

I'm a nerd too. I love school. In college the first week was my favorite because we got our syllibi & I could see how th semester would go.