Wednesday, September 8, 2010

wheeler farm

the day ryan left to come back home from utah, we decided to go on a little family outing to wheeler farm! it had been years since either of us had been there and we laughed because neither of us had any idea where it was. i think locations from events in my childhood are just somewhere in a big black hole in the salt lake valley. i know they're there somewhere...just not sure where.

but, we found it and had a great time introducing the bean to all the horses, pigs, cows, rabbits, fowl and more. she was almost abducted by a few different flocks, but we made it through unscathed.

leah dictated when we would stop and take a rest...but, even with rests, we tuckered her right out...our attempt at a timed family photo. ryan and i were looking at the camera, smiling, saying through tight lips "leah! look at the camera! leah! leah!" then right as the camera clicked, she leaned over and gave me a kiss. i'll take it.
august 24, 2010


AJ said...

So you probably said when you first blogged about it, but where did you get Leah's arm brace thingy? I have a sister whose little boy is needing something like that.

mj said...

you just measure the length that you need and the circumference of the child's arm...i think there are three options.

Dyan said...

I think a kiss on a cheek is better than smiling at the camera:) Your summer vacation looks fun!