Friday, September 24, 2010

if i had a wish then it would be...

so many things i'm dreaming about on this lovely friday afternoon...

vanilla joe joe's
a root beer float
some fun, fall decorations
japanese masking tape (isn't this pack and this one and this one fun?!)
a little bit of Glee and More Glee for the piano
an inbetween camera. i'm in love.
a large latte bowl in every color of the rainbow. to match the small ones i have and loooooove. 
a new piano lamp
a fun, green tablecloth like this one

a new kitchen timer

 some cute potholders like this or this.
and a nap.

happy weekend to everyone! 
i'm off to have yummy homemade pizzas with some great friends. 
just hoping ryan will get off work in time to join us...

what's on YOUR wishlist?


KaraLyn said...

I love the masking tape, and I have a Cannon G10 and LOVE it too! :D

Amy said...

So weird that I have the exact same camera, latte bowls, kitchen timer, and potholders bookmarked on my very own wishlist. How strange is that?! I also have a piano on my wishlist, but if I had that, I'd probably be wanting some Glee music and a lamp to go with it. :)

Kristen said...

You have good taste, that's for sure. Good thing your birthday is coming up!

Kristen said...

Oh and boots are definitely on my wish list. I just wish I didn't have such expensive taste!

Rob and Marseille said...

I got my christmas present early this year- a kitchenaid! I love it & have been using it all the time.