Monday, September 27, 2010

potty jamba

little miss leah has been working on potty training. since she'll never be truly potty trained, we're trying to get her used to going on the potty rather than in her pants at certain times of the day. "time trained" if you will. she's slowly improving and is catching onto the whole idea of a sticker chart. we basically have a fiesta in the bathroom every time she goes, so she knows it's a good thing. 

she's working on prize no. 3 right now. prize no. 2 was a "potty jamba" just for her. we went on a little smoothie date, just the two of us last friday afternoon. i can honestly say i didn't even take a sip until i knew she was done. and she had 9/10 of a sixteen ounce smoothie all by herself...and in about 3 minutes flat! she was really good at letting me know she would rather be eating than photographed. she got that from her dad. 
the lengths this girl goes to to master something new never cease to amaze me. she is one determined, smart little girl. 

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Rach said...

oh my goodness, i love this picture. i love leah! she knows exactly what she wants and you can almost see it in her eyes that she is sending all of her mind power straight into that jamba.
truly, she is so smart. she really is. i have been so impressed with how she can communicate so effectively lately! just love that leah bean!