Saturday, February 12, 2011

twelve on the twelfth

01 | love lazy saturday mornings. especially sleeping in until 9 after a night where leah barfs and we have to bathe her at 1:30am.
02 | so excited to celebrate ry guy's big #30 on monday.
03 | so happy leah's IEP went better than planned. i love her school. 
04 | love that ryan is currently in our bedroom taking pictures of leah, who fell asleep on our bed while she and i were snuggling.
05 | can't wait to dine it up with a room full of rett supporters tonight at erika's dream.
06 | trying to figure out what i should do for leah's birthday. party? no party? friends? no friends? how to plan a party for a girl who can't blow out candles by herself. either way, we'll celebrate our little four year old in style and it will definitely include this cake. but i'm open to suggestions.
07 | didn't win first place in the lip sync contest at prom last night. but cried from laughing so hard at all the videos.
08 | hoping to start a garden this week. oh, sunny california.
09 | anxiously planning trips to both europe and boston this spring. yippee!
10 | excited to wear red mac lipstick tonight - basically the only color that will show up on these lips of mine. not complaining. just sayin'.
11 | so glad my stake conference talk is over. it's been two weeks and i'm still breathing sighs of relief.
12 | just submitted my first article for publication. i'll keep ya posted.

and to make a baker's dozen...

13 | have a secret that i can't share...yet. and no, it's not what you're thinking.


Aubrey said...

I just love reading your posts :) Love the cake you are planning for Leah's birthday. Europe and Boston, talk about a lucky gal. First publication can't wait to hear more about this and the secret. . . man the suspense is going to kill me.

Laura said...

I was really disappointed to miss your talk! You'll have to blog about it or something. I heard great things about it.

Colleen said...

Your lipstick was hot! ;-) and I have everything that you need to blow out the candles, a fan that works with a switch, you can borrow it if you want, Leah will love whatever you do to celebrate her!