Saturday, February 12, 2011

prom 2011: nothing's gonna stop us now

prom 2011 was a hit. 

the night started off very romantic - ryan and i babysat three rugrats {leah included} and put them to bed while all the other couples went to dinner at flemings. not that we don't enjoy a good filet, we just knew we were spending moolah the next evening at erika's dream and didn't feel like we could splurge two nights in a row. when the others arrived {and the kids were snoozing}, we turned up the tunes and danced to our hearts contents. lip syncs were watched, tears were cried, good food and company were had. 

 this is what ryan did when i told him to make a goofy face. um?
 my first-ever pair of peep toes.
i was going to make a joke about the guy that came to prom in high school with his pregnant girlfriend - but 5 girls were pregnant, so it's just not as funny.
 oh, boys.
i seriously love going to prom 10 years too late. such a fun tradition.


ed and kelli said...

i LOVE that you go to prom. you are gorgeous, my sister!

Ed H. said...

We will miss you guys like crazy next year!!!!