Tuesday, February 22, 2011

she had a birthday

our little leah turned four. FOUR. i fear she's getting not-so-little every day. her chubby cheeks are slowly but surely disappearing. she's nearly out of the "T" size clothes. and her new haircut makes her look downright mature. 

she is simply a joy in our lives. i often wish i could hear the funny things she might have to say or the pictures she might draw. or be blown away by the new things she learns and retains every single day. but, for now, i'm content with the love i see in her beautiful, blue eyes. the joy in her gargantuan giggle. the life in her wobbly run.

she's mine all mine {okay, i'll share her with ryan too}. all four years of her. 

we spent the day getting our hair cut, chasing bubbles in the sunshine, playing with friends and watching princess movies. 

then daddy got stranded at work so the katzs came to the rescue and celebrated with us that night. my apologies to aubo for not owning any handsome prince dressups. it's now on my list. 

leah blew out her candles with the help of a switch and a fan and we enjoyed a delicious rice krispy cake {we were completely caked out after two celebrations for dad!} do not ask how much of that two-tiered rice krispy cake i ate. please.
happy number four, miss leah. i think good things are in store.

p.s. four year pictures and birthday party to come. weatherman told us rain, rain, rain, so i planned nothing. and what did we get? beautiful sunny skies. i should have known.

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Molly said...

Happy Birthday, Leah! We love you!