Wednesday, February 23, 2011

pumpkin up

our twin jack had his year four celebration at the local pump it up {otherwise referred to, by him, as 'pumpkin up'}. balls + slides + bouncing + running + screaming + pizza + cupcakes + friends = smashing success. sarah is so smart.
{seriously enjoying all of the sibling love in this picture}

leah held the fort down on the mats at the bottom of the slide. but don't you worry, i used my enormous biceps to lug her up all of those air-filled stairs, dodging kids all the way, and slid down with her multiple times. it was hard work, but i think she liked it. she and miss waves enjoyed giggling in the bounce house and she most definitely enjoyed the pizza. 
we hope he likes his digger utensils. we were hoping to spruce up mealtime.

happy #4 to jack!!

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