Friday, July 13, 2012


I'm not sure if it's pure insanity from being "alone" all day, the need to get out and do something or our previous success at Leah's first movie theater experience, but I decided to be brave and go see the new movie Brave with my friend Tiffany and her three cute kids. 

It wasn't playing in the theater nearby, so we drove a half hour away {but that is an activity in and of itself, so...score!}. All five of the kids slept on the way there. It was a Christmas-in-July Miracle!

When we got there, we had a few minutes to spare, so the kids went off and played the arcade games. And when I say "played" you know I really mean held onto the steering wheel and pretended that the cars moving on the screen actually had something to do with them. I love how Miss M just grabs Leah by the hand and plays like there is nothing different about her at all. I truly do. 

The kids liked the movie and, although it was scary at parts, I think it will cure any child living nearby of their idea that the having the Sachem Bear around is a good idea. 

Leah enjoyed her second theater visit and Kate her first. Yes, she slept the entire time {even when Mr. R spilled his drink on her}.

p.s. If you're wondering how the three cute kids on the right in the group picture can get so tan in New Hampshire, the answer is: they can't. You do it by visiting family in Arizona for a month. If you stay in New Hampshire, you stay glowing white like me. 


Kelli Marshall said...

your family in az would love to have you visit and fulfill your tanning desires:)

Michelle said...

I love this post

Tiffany Toronto said...

haha, this was so fun!