Sunday, July 8, 2012

even for a week...

After three weeks in Beijing, he Mr. came home...for a week. But what a week it was! He still had to work during the day, but he came home for lunch and pretty much smothered his two littlest girls the entire time he was here - despite his pure exhaustion. 

Leah RAN into his arms when we went to pick him up from the bus stop and she couldn't stop staring at him for two full days afterward. 

We celebrated the fourth of July and went to the lake for a church party and then just like that, he was off again. This time to Illinois, India and probably Singapore for a seven week stretch until he's done. Let's just say he's got that whole packing his suitcase thing down to a science. We sure do appreciate his hard work, but oh how we wish we could be jet setters right by his side.

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Britta said...

So glad your week was extra wonderful with him home. Three years ago, I remember those 2 months of long husbandless days. Believe it or not, it will be over before you know it. (I did get a lot accomplished because my evenings were good thing?)

Z and I were admiring Kate's wee toes and sandals at the ward picnic. She tickled her feet and Kate didn't flinch at all during her slumber. :)