Monday, July 23, 2012

the thing about humidity...

So I really like New Hampshire. I like it much more than I anticipated myself liking it, actually. I think it's beautiful. The people are friendly. It has a lot of history and character.

And then it has humidity.

Not that I have anything against humidity in general. My beef comes with the mean, mean things it does to my hair. It's truly unfair. It's not even worth it to try and blow dry my hair on a really humid day because I'll end up sweating so much after two minutes that I'd just need to shower all over again. Plus, my hair is half straight and half curly and all the way big. So I often end up just pulling it up into a pony tail or messy bun.

The other part to this story is that I have a small head. As in I can wear children's hats and I own a beanie that is size 2T and it fits me. 

Whew, glad that's off my chest. 

Combine my small head with my pulled up hair and I basically look like a pin head. It's just not pretty - and it doesn't work on days when I really want/need to look presentable. So I've been searching for hairstyles that can kindly coexist with the monstrous moisture in the air. So far, I've found two options. Forgive the self portraits (remember I'm the only person in the house that can push a button on a camera right now). 

Wavy curls (tutorial here):
Yes, I took a screen shot while FaceTiming with the Mr. who is in India. 
pros: only takes about 20 minutes, lasts for 2-3 days
cons: my hair needs to be dry and mostly straight when I start or it takes a lot longer, would look way better if my hair would JUST GROW a little longer already

Top knot with a secret (tutorial here):

You bet I cut up one of Ryan's socks. In my defense, it lost its mate and was lonely. 
pros: so so fast, can be done from air dried hair
cons: can give me a headache after awhile, definitely have wash and dry the next day because it kinks, would stay in better/longer in the back if my hair would JUST GROW a little longer already

I'm in serious need of more ideas. Any and all are welcomed and tutorials are great! My hair is growing at a ridiculously slow rate - it's honestly never grown this slow before - and I need something to distract me in the meantime so I won't cry about it. Help!


Lant Family said...

Yes I am not a fan of humidity either. My hair has nice curl under but the hair on the top only has a little wave. I usually just let it air dry and then put some mousse in it. By the end of the day it is usually pulled back. But I have heavy hair so putting it up everyday gives me a headache. I have considered a body wave to give my hair a more even curl. I will braid or twist it back into a ponytail a lot just so it looks like I put more then 2 mins into my hair. i like the bun, I did that to my hair last week and tied a scarf around it but yes I had a headache by dinner. Good luck!!

Mindy said...

I sympathize. My hair soaks up that humidity moisture like crazy. It can go from blow dried/straightened/curled, to frizzy, in a matter of minutes. And I quite suck at doing hair, so I have no solution! I used to do pony tails, but I cut my hair short enough that I can't do that without big chunks of layers falling out. so it just looks awful some days. Oh well?

Bethany said...

Girl, I applaud you for even trying. I just had to give up here in Florida. I have used my straightener approximately twice since I moved here (2 years ago!).

My solution? I grew my hair out as long as it's ever been. The weight helps keep it more or less straight. I typically let it air dry after I wash it, then blow it straight when it's almost dry.

So basically, I'm lazy. :) And only wash my hair about every 4 days. With each day it looks less "poofy." Good luck!