Sunday, July 15, 2012

a good thing?

I did something today that I hoped I'd never have to do. One of those things that's good, but it's bad that it's good because I just plain don't like it. 

I installed a bed rail on Leah's bed. 

Leah's cute, white, quilt-laden ruined by some dumb hospital-looking apparatus. 

I know it shouldn't be a big deal. But Leah's five. I shouldn't need to put a bed rail on my five year old's bed when she's not a rambunctious sleeper. I had to put it on her bed to keep her safe if she has a seizure. Or if she gets tangled in her sheets and can't safely get out. So I don't have to wake from a deep sleep by a thud coming from the next room. A thud that I know hurts way more than she ever lets on. 

And so I did it. 

Leah, so far, doesn't seem to mind. In fact, she thought it was hilarious to continually climb on the bed this afternoon as I struggled to tuck in the sheets around the new structure. To be honest, I hope she never minds. I hope she is relieved that she doesn't have to worry about falling out of her bed ever again. And I hope she knows I did it because I love her. 

It's a good thing. It is. But I still don't like it.


maryirene said...

i love you and your courage and your devotion to your beautiful amazing daughter. it's inspiring to me.

Tanis said...

it is a good thing.... I am still trying to get the courage up to get my soon to be 4 year old out of a crib where I know she is safe and won't be able to fall... maybe by her birthday???
Leah will definitely appreciate it and your peace of mind will too!!

Colleen said...

I hated that thing on Claire's bed. Maybe when you move out of student housing KTG can have Leah's bed and Leah can have a bigger bed with more cute quilts. We gave Claire a full size bed so we could get rid of the rail. It also allows for me to lay in bed with her on the hard days. Even with the rail Leah looks fabulous, you must be doing something right. xx

Michelle said...

Awh! At least she seems to like it!

Morgan said...

we have that exact same railing. it's super ugg, but both of my boys still need a railing, and Asher is almost 6. They are super crazy sleepers. :)