Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ktg the roller

Kate the great is one determined little girl. For the most part she likes tummy time. But if she doesn't, she takes matters into her own hands. It's the only time she'll roll, but she's done it more than a handful of times now. See for yourself...







Shannon said...

she looks so triumphant! what a sweetheart! come back to CA soon so she and Livi can be bffs.

p.s. i think you're amazing, maren. i really do. for many, many reasons.

Bethany said...

These pictures are the cutest. She looks so proud of herself. And I love how she's looking at the camera.

Kelli Marshall said...

you are killing me ktg! only a few more weeks till i can cuddle you!!!

Michelle said...

I love that girl so much! Fantastic pictures!