Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th

"Low-key" and "Ryan home" are the two phrases with which I choose to describe our fourth of July this year. And it was fantastic. 

We walked two miles to Hanover's old fashioned celebration. We arrived just in time to wipe the sweat from our brows and watch the parade go by...and just a few minutes later it was over! 

My favorite float was the Hanover Kids Cannonball Club. Um, I only ever got to take ballet and piano lessons when I was younger. Cannonballing would have been so much cooler, not to mention more useful later in life!
 The humidity did things to my hair that shall not be further discussed.
We dressed in our best red, white and blue {only after Ryan saw my outfit and said, "I was going to wear a red shirt, but if I do, we're going to look like fools!" I reminded him we could have been wearing matching flag tees he loves so much and he decided we were good to go.}.
We ate ice cream and snow cones on the green {that's what New Englanders call a big, grassy area in the center of town, if you were wondering}.
 Kate slept.
 Leah slept.
 I watched a local men's barbershop chorus perform songs like Let Me Call You Sweetheart and almost died of happiness.
 Kate ate {yah, this is as close to a picture of that as you're getting}.
 Ryan burped.
 We grilled. And I had my bun cut New England style, thankyouverymuch.
 And we didn't watch any fireworks. They were cancelled for obvious reasons.
But, despite the lack of lights in the sky, we had a fantastic day celebrating and being grateful for our independence and togetherness as a family of four again.

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