Saturday, July 7, 2012


There's not much that I love more in my life than finding something that Leah can do on her own. Be it a skill, a toy or some type of communication, it is truly thrilling. So when Ryan and Leah came home from a trip to Target with the game Trouble in tow, I was intrigued. The dice is inside the bubble and Leah loves to hit things - it's perfect! 

I've sat down to play it with her a few times now and it's an incredible sight. She uses her hands so purposefully and almost always waits her turn to give the bubble a good whack. 

I'm not sure if the smile on her face or mine is bigger. But I do know that when she puts her mind to something, you better watch's a good way. 

p.s. She was yellow. I've still never beat her.

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Colleen said...

Another one to try is Hungry Hungry Hippos. Emmy thought hitting the hippos was hilarious...although she tried to eat a marble once or twice. I'm so glad Leah loved her new game!