Saturday, September 28, 2013

a camping we did go...

We took advantage of the only open weekend we had before the weather could possibly turn for the worse and went camping with a few families we have come to know here in Iowa. The $9 entrance fee for the entire night didn't hurt either. 
We spent the night at Wildcat Den about 40 minutes away. Couldn't have asked for better weather, better eats or better company. 

I could have asked for a better toddler. She decided she was terrified of the tent and would NOT sleep. So, around 11:30, she and I took a walk to the car and slept there for the night. She was also not a fan of the hiking backpack. She was a fan of Leah's old camping chair and playing red light green light. I guess we'll keep her. 

Leah, per her usual, was a camping champion. And loved all of her adorable playmates. Especially that handsome M.

And now for the proof (the good ones are courtesy of the amazing Tara). 

And also, I'm throwing those pants away. Yikes!



Kelli Marshall said...

leah in that hoodie.. i'm dying. she's so adorable!

maryirene said...

you're so gorgeous. just had to mention that. ;)