Friday, September 20, 2013

mornings with mom

Leah's school has a darling tradition called "Mornings With Mom." One morning, before school starts, all the kids and their moms (or guest of choice) gather in the cafeteria for donuts and juice. Being new to the shchool, I wasn't sure what to expect. And, knowing I have to tag along with Leah a lot more than other moms tag along with their kids, I was pretty up front with Leah and asked her if she wanted me to come at all. 

The stare in my face was a resounding yes (and I have to admit, I was a bit relieved). 

That morning, we arrived on time and the lunch room was already jam packed. We shuffled through line and found ourselves a recently vacated bench and sat down. Leah was a little agitated with so much going on around her. So we ate what we could and then got up to walk around. 

Soon after, I noticed lots of kids headed outside to play in the school yard before the bell rang. Their moms were busily chatting with other moms around the perimeter of the playground. Again, I wasn't sure if Leah wanted to go outside because none of the other kids had to play with their moms. But, when she ran to the door and banged on it, loudly, multiple times, I got the hint. So outside we went. 

I know a few people from our church and a few others on her team and that's about it. Leah, on the other hand, apparently knows the entire student body. We could not walk 10 feet without someone saying, 
"Hi Leah!" 
"Hey mom, look! It's Leah!" 
"Hey Leah, come play with us." 
"Leah come over here!" 

And I'm not exaggerating. It was non stop. Girls, boys, kids from every grade.

And Leah owned it. She was eating up all that attention. 

I often worry that Leah spends her days on the outside looking in...just watching the other kids play. 

And while I know there is a little of that simply due to her physical abilities, or lack thereof, it doesn't consume her day. That little girl exudes sunshine and happiness, and her differences, so far, don't seem to phase the other kids much. I was absolutely impressed with each and every one of them and how they interacted with and included her. 

This darling tradition of ended up being a fortifying Friday for this mom. 

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erin and shaun said...

I'm not sure if you know who I am but I read your blog regularly. My maiden name is Erin Cowley, and I was a year behind you at Skyline. (Joy Fleming Williams is one of my best friends). Also, my husband is the missionary that taught and baptized your sister-in-law Heather. Small world! We are also in the midwest in Springfield, Illinois. Welcome! Anyway, just wanted to come out of hiding and say hi. And also, that this post had me in tears. You amaze me all the time. And...I want your wardrobe! Love reading what you write and learning about your amazing little girl! -Erin Mendenhall