Monday, September 30, 2013

september in an instant

September, September....

...was a lot less humid (can I get a woot woot!?) so we ran a little faster. 

...was a lot less hot (another woot woot!!) so we wore a few more cardigans.

...was windier, so we purchased our first rake and push broom. 

...was bi-polar, so we cheered on the cougs for wins and losses. 

...screamed autumn, so we baked fall treats. 

...saw us a little further down the road to settling in. Some days I feel like I've been driving down these roads for years. And then there are those other days, days when I get lost and wonder how in the world I ended up where I did. 

I spoke in church, Leah rocked her IEP (and hopefully her school pictures), Kate made us giggle daily with her antics, Ryan was greeted at the top of the stairs with squeals every evening at 5:30pm (I'm still getting used to that part...) and we all went camping.

September, September. We're getting there. 

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