Thursday, September 26, 2013

new batteries

Christmas came early this year for Kate. 

I finally got around to replacing the corroded batteries that were previously residing in Leah's old fridge magnet toys. The look on Kate's face when she realized songs emitted from their little plastic bodies when she pushed the buttons was priceless. For awhile, she would push both toys at the same time, then turn around to show me her shocked face, then push more buttons, then dance. Repeat, repeat, repeat. 

Many of my friends have conveyed their sincerest apologies for the noise that will now be emanating from my kitchen. You know, an alphabet song that never makes it past the letter D, or the songs about farm animals Kate has matched together. 

But honestly? No apology necessary. Those are sounds I have missed for the past four years and I am forever grateful for working fingers to make our toys sing again. 

Thank goodness for batteries. 

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