Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Most people will tell you that IEP stands for Individualized Education Plan. But I'm telling you they are wrong. In Leah's case, it stands for Incredible Educational People. Cheesy, I know, but it's honestly how I feel. 

I am over the moon with how Leah's IEP (refer to the first meaning...) went. For one hour (and one hour) only I sat in a room full of adults who had only met Leah a short two months prior and who were fighting FOR her (refer to the second meaning...). 

I have so many friends with horror stories of their child not getting the services they desperately need not just for a good education, but for their safety and health! I walked away from our meeting, Leah's hand in mine, so humbled by all that the individuals in that room are doing for her. 

They believe in her. 

They know she is in there. 

They want to see her do her best and reach her potential. 

And it brought me to tears. 

Her special education teacher looked at me for a moment and said, "Did I say something wrong?" To which I replied, "No. You said everything right." 

The entire meeting was full of people saying everything right. Her mainstream teacher, the principal, the counselor, the nurse, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, special education therapist, dean of students and more. They were all saying everything right. (The zucchini cookies I brought probably didn't hurt.)

Goals tweaked from New Hampshire that reflect where Leah stands currently (which tells me they are truly analyzing her and trying to determine where she was, where she is and where she has the potential to go). Goals implemented to help her learn and grow in a way that she can succeed. Goals that will play to her social interacting skills (instead of pulling her out of class for her therapies like they were previously doing, they are now including other children in those therapies because they found Leah responds better that way!).

We are upping the ante this year and Leah is responding so well. She loves to learn and we can all tell! And we feel so blessed she has the opportunity to learn in such a positive, uplifting environment. 

An Individualized Education Plan with Incredible Educational People for sure. 

(Leah was over the moon about it too.)

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Rob and Marseille said...

I LOVE that they are including other children. my favorite memories from 6th grade are with my friend Mallory, who has Cerebral Palsy-she's in a wheel chair and can't talk, but we had a great time togetther!