Thursday, September 19, 2013

mobile independence

It's hard to describe the feeling that fills my chest when I open my email for the day and see a message like this:

The image might be a little hard to read - it was for me through the tears that were welling up in my eyes. So I'll type it out for you:

"Tobii EyeMobile puts individuals with physical and communication impairments at the forefront of consumer technology, allowing these individuals to navigate and control standard, off-the-shelf Windows 8 Pro tablets with the movement of only their eyes.

"Compact and lightweight to meet the demands of those on the go, the Tobii EyeMobile allows for completely hands-free access to Windows 8 apps, internet, movies, music, e-books, social media and games on a tablet device. It gives users with spinal cord injury, arthritis, muscular dystrophy, and Rett Syndrome the opportunity to live a richer, more connected and independent life.

"Learn how the Tobii EyeMobile can help you, a relative or a friend - Here’s how it works."
Yup. You read that correctly. It specifically listed Rett syndrome. 

Now I'm not saying we are going to run out and purchase this device. And I'm not saying that if we did, our problems would be solved. But, I am saying that the presence of a device like this on the market (at one third of the cost of regular eye gaze computers!) might have helped a certain little girl this morning who was in tears and inconsolable for 45 minutes and her mom had no idea why. 

It might help a certain little girl who wants to play a game or listen to music or read a book...BY HERSELF. Without her mom tagging along and doing everything for her. 

It might help a certain little girl who is bored to tears in the car while her sister jabbers on, reads books and plays with her toys. 

It might help a certain mom to know that even on the darkest of days, there are people out there searching for...and finding solutions to our daily struggles.

That's all I'm saying. And you can bet I'm saying it with a smile.


Kelli Marshall said...

that is fantastic!

Amelia said...

So awesome!!

Colleen said...

we just got the I series Tobii and it is really amazing! Insurance covered it, which is also really amazing. you're right, it won't solve all our problems but at least we're all moving forward. it can only get better from here! hugs to your little bean.

Michelle said...

the smile on my face right now is probably the biggest smile that I've smiled in a very very long time. this fills my heart with so much joy! my oh my....I can't stop smiling

Amy said...

This is amazing!

Liz Igoe said...

I'm just getting caught up reading your blog and this makes me smile so so much. Did you get this for Leah??