Thursday, October 31, 2013

a kindergarten halloween

I headed to Leah's school this afternoon for their school parade and her classroom party. (Miss Kate was able to take a nap at a fabulous friend's house!)

The kids in her class were so darling all dressed up. And they were also darling with Leah. And not in a Leah-is-a-class-pet kind of way. But rather in a Leah-is-our-real-friend kind of way, which is awesome. (Especially Miss M, who wanted "just one more picture with Leah.")

My camera didn't focus as Leah walked by in the parade, but rest assured she was cute. 

After the parade, the class made ghost pops (and Leah's friend A decided hers were twins, a boy and a girl named Mary and Jerry, of course) and then played "ghost tap" (more commonly  known as Heads Up Seven Up in my generation). 

This is Wonder Woman with her fabulous special ed teacher, who came as Jessie from Toy Story, which just happened to be Leah's second choice costume. Perfect. 

And this is Wonder Woman's afternoon aide, who was simply fantastic with her. 

It was kind of a perfect afternoon, and much needed after the week we've had. It's always so reassuring to see her in school, thriving. Wonderful, in fact.

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