Saturday, October 19, 2013

red barn pumpkin farm

We spent a glorious Saturday morning today with some friends at the Red Barn Pumpkin Farm about 40 minutes from our house. Somehow I have no pictures of said friends, but I promise they were there! We couldn't have asked for better jacket weather or a more perfect (and free) farm to fill our fall needs!

Kate tried and tried to get that orange tractor to work. Then she realized the problem was the color. 
 Much better success with the green ones!

 We enjoyed the golden views. 
 And the orange pumpkins.
 And more golden views.
 And more orange pumpkins.
 We played games.

And measured ourselves against the scarecrows (apparently there was something very interesting on the ground?).

We played in the corn crib (and one or two kernels home in our shoes).
 And we walked through the corn path and the hay maze.
And then we picked out some fresh corn kernels for popping and some Indian corn for decoration. A perfect way to spend a perfect fall morning.

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Lant Family said...

How fun! I love fun fall activities! Your girls are so cute!