Sunday, October 27, 2013

Primary Program

Today was the much-anticipated Primary Program in church. I have always dreamed of the day when my children would participate in the program for the entire congregation. I wondered if they would sing their hearts out, wave innocently at me from the stand, say their parts with confidence, etc. 

It has been interesting to say the least to watch Leah be a part of the annual program for the last three years. My heart swells knowing she is able to participate at all. But a little part of me aches knowing she can't do it alone and possibly not in the way she would like. 

I like to think she is singing the songs in her head. I'm certain she loves the music and we listen to the songs a lot, so I'm confident she knows them. 

I also hope we do a good job helping her create her speaking part. Each year, she has been given a prompt she is to finish with her own thoughts (just like all the other children). I do a lot of yes/no questioning to figure out what she wants to say. 

This year, Leah used her switch beautifully to communicate these words about our prophet:

The prophet teaches us... serve others and treat everyone we meet with kindness.

I'm so blessed to have Miss Leah in my life. Knowing how much service and kindness have been shown on our behalf, I can only hope that our family follows the prophet's words and Leah's example in doing the same. 

Here are a few shots of our little Leah on her big day. I had to document since she is growing like a weed and this is the last time she will be wearing my favorite Annie dress, showing off her fabulous knobby knees (something I wish I had!!). 

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