Thursday, October 31, 2013

a super halloween

This year, we again gave Leah the choice of what she wanted to be for Halloween. After a number of options, she wholeheartedly agreed that a superhero would do the trick. Since Kate isn't old enough to choose, we all donned our spandex and tied on our capes to save the world together. 

Wonder Woman was a fabulous trick or treater. She didn't mind that half the neighborhood had their lights off and didn't participate. The ones who welcomed us were incredibly kind. And the rain was no deterrent. She braved the cold air and wet sidewalks and filled her bag wonderfully full (well, kind of wonderfully full). 

Meanwhile, back home, Super Girl was busy snitching candy from the bucket. 

After we saved the world, we carried on my childhood tradition and sat down to a warm dinner baked in a pumpkin. 

I'd say Leah's choice was super indeed. This is the best picture we got of our littlest super heroes. Mostly because of Kate and her facial antics. It's like she's not even my child!
Happy Halloween!


Haley said...

I love Kate's facial expressions. They remind me of Abby. It's like the moment I get the camera out, Abby refuses to make eye contact. Sigh.

Kelli Marshall said...

oh i'm dying.. that katers. and leah, wonder woman indeed!