Friday, June 27, 2014


Our friends are out of town this week and they asked if Ryan wouldn't mind mowing their lawn for them once while they are away. In an effort to sway his answer in their favor, they mentioned the girls were welcome to come jump on the tramp while he mowed.

We took them up on their offer. Though, have the record show, we would have done it even if they didn't own a trampoline. 

The girls and I bounced our hearts out. I haven't heard them giggle that much, continuously, maybe ever! It didn't stop...unless I stopped. Which I did a few times because apparently I'm not 15 anymore and jumping (in 99% humidity, no less) is a workout! I was drenched by the time we left. 

I don't think Ryan had as much fun as we did...but the lawn sure looks great!


Catriona said...

You have to get a trampoline of your own! We just got one, and the girls LOVE it. (Me too!)

Kelli Marshall said...

i love this.