Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

The girls and I covered our bases this Father's Day. 

I made sure to head to my dad's grave. It was nice to be in Utah over the holiday to remember him. Rise and shout!

We went to church with Grandpa Hauley (no picture of that, but this was a common sight during the weeks we were there!)

We went to dinner at Grandpa Layton's (this picture was also taken at another time, but was another common sight during our vacation!). 

And we made sure to skype Ryan as we felt a little bad about ditching him on his big day! We also left him eight little surprises at home, one for each of the years he has been a dad. (Including the annual tie, which he wore!)

We love all of the dads and grandpas in our lives, whether they are still with us or not and whether they are blood related or not. I have always had strong, positive men to look up to in my life and I'm so grateful my girls have the same. Each father brings something unique to the table and I love that we can learn from them all. 

Happy Father's Day!

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