Sunday, June 8, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa's farewell

One of the reasons we headed to Utah so early in the summer (even taking Leah out of school a few days prematurely) was so we could be at Grandma and Grandpa Layton's farewell before they packed up and headed off to Fiji for three years. 

They both gave beautiful talks and I was honored to be able to play a piano solo for the meeting as well. I didn't own any piano solos with a missionary theme, so I purchased a book in Utah the day after I arrived (and then left for St. George), so I basically had Saturday night to learn and polish the song. Next time I'll be more prepared - I purchased four books for myself so I can be prepared for any church occasion! 

After the meeting, friends and family gathered in the club house in their neighborhood to socialize and eat some yummy food. The girls were in heaven with Ryan's cute cousins who are in high school. I wanted to take them home with me for the summer!

We also were excited to give them our gifts. First, a set of mugs with hearts connecting Fiji and Iowa. I used an online tutorial to bake Sharpie ink onto the ceramic mug and it totally worked! Pinterest win!

Second was a book I created about the differences between Fiji and Iowa. It's fun to read our copy to the girls and we hope Grandma and Grandpa like to read it in Fiji too. You know, when they are in that blessed sunshine, dreaming of Iowa's -40 temperatures and piles and piles of snow. 

A great day to celebrate some wonderful grandparents and their decision to serve the Lord for three years. 

Now here's hoping we get to go visit! 

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Kelli Marshall said...

um that book! you are so dang creative, i love it!