Sunday, June 22, 2014

utah: friends

Another great outcome of spending so much time in Utah this trip was the ability to see so many friends and not feel rushed about it! We still didn't see everyone we wanted to see, but it was so nice to see as many as we did! Being away from family has blessed us with some of the best friends in the world and we are so happy to see them whenever we get a chance. 

First up was Tally, a friend from my junior high/high school days, and her darling son Sam. Sam is about two months younger than Kate and, as you can see, Kate is most definitely interested. He was immediately added to her list of potential suitors. I think he was actually put at the tippy top of the list. Tally just moved back to SLC from Seattle and I'm ecstatic about that because, for the last 7 years, we seem to miss each other on our vacations to Utah by about a day. We also had fun catching up with Kim, also a friend from junior high/high school (and who eventually became my college roommate) and her darling new addition, Logan. But they left before our selfie photo session commenced. 

Next up was Morgan, my collegiate other half. It was so fun to catch up with her while relaxing at a park in the avenues in SLC. Morgan has been living in Manhattan for the last 5 years, so I have been able to see her on a handful of occasions, but I'll take as much Morgan time as I can get! We've come a long way since our tired-after-running-a-mile-in-our-matching-boxers-over-yoga-pants days. Oh my. 

I ran into a high school Highlites friend, Haley, randomly while swimming with a friend at my friend's neighborhood pool. Come to find out my friend and Haley's sister are neighbors and good friends. So fun to see her (and her three handsome little boys!)and catch up! 

Next I visited with Danielle, a good friend from my married college days. Danielle was my savior the summer Ryan interned for Boeing in Alabama. She was a running partner (even though she can run twice as fast as me) and a lap-swimming cheerleader (she can also swim twice as fast as me). She is one of the most calming people I have ever been around and I wish I could be around her all day every day! We had a great time running around in her backyard blowing enormous bubbles. Funnest mom ever. And I loved meeting the newest of her four beautiful daughters.  

Last summer I missed out on my opportunity to see Megan, my other half in high school. She and I were connected at the hip and even did unspeakable things - like getting our ears double pierced without our mothers' permissions or wearing gigantic bows to a choir concert just to make our conductor mad - together. Yah, we were pretty wild. I got to see Megan's beautiful new home and meet the newest of her four beautiful daughters as well! When she found out I was going to Cafe Rio later that night for dinner, she decided to join me since her husband was also out of town. Megan twice in one day!? I'll take it! I guess that made up for last year? 

 And, when Ryan came to town, we were able to get together with his awesome high school friends. These guys are the greatest. We obviously went to Training Table (too bad it wasn't the Taylorsville location so we could laugh at the picture of the boys in girl's cheerleading uniforms) where Ryan obviously got three dipping sauces for himself. He doesn't share dipping sauce. I love watching how this group grows and changes each year. And with two little additions and one impending marriage, it was a year of great changes! 

Lastly, we were able to spend a lot of time with our favorite Harmans. They became family to us in California and we love getting together with them. We swam at their neighborhood pool, played cards, picked cherries, played the piano, ate Iceberg, sang and danced like crazies, made strawberry shortcake AND peach cobbler and felt all-too-comfortable in their home. And of course it wouldn't be a trip to the Harman's house if we didn't get hair cuts. It is crazy how well all of us get along. Kate and Madison were cute little buds and it was fun to see them dressed in the matching dresses we purchased for their big sisters (and Syd!) five years ago.  The last two nights of our trip we stayed with them at their house and we were able to go on a double date together. Good times were had at the mini golf course and it was a great way to end our Utah vacation! Lindsey nearly convinced me to stay an extra few days and once I got home and into my routine, I definitely regretted my choice to not stay. Next year, Linds, next year. 

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