Sunday, June 22, 2014

utah: family

We had a lot of fun with family when we were in Utah. It was great to have three weeks in which to get lots of un-rushed togetherness. 

My mom and Richard were not only nice enough to watch my girls for me when I was in St. George, but then they let us descend upon their house for two more weeks. For the time we were there, you could usually find me outside on the grass. The luscious, soft, thick, green grass. There really is nothing like Utah grass. I miss it daily. 

If I wasn't on the grass, I was looking at it, while eating a Creamie. 

And if I was inside, I was playing their beautiful baby grand piano. I miss that too. 

My mom was able to meet for lunch at a park one day. My girls had a blast and I love that my mom is able to run around and climb and slide with them. They love it too. 

We took three generation bathroom mirror selfies. 

And of course a trip to my mom's wouldn't be complete without bringing along a sewing project for her to help me complete (translate: for her to complete). Her clothing and textiles degree has really come in handy for me throughout the years. 

We also got to spend some time with my oldest brother, Scott, and his family. They were fabulous hosts and we spent a lot of time swimming in their pool, playing their beautiful new piano, jumping on their tramp, watching My Little Pony (my girls are fans, Scott!) and eating delicious food. Kate basically idolized Arianne and spent her time following her cool, older cousin wherever she went. I really wish we lived closer to cousins!

My mom took a day off work (she's the best!) and we went with Scott and his family to Thanksgiving Point. We visited the Museum of Natural Curiosity. We were the first in line when it opened and had the museum basically to ourselves for a little while. I think we saw 1/10th of it and were there for a few hours! Kate wasn't a fan of being strapped into the water table. She was a fan of playing in the sand with her cousins. And running around like a crazy person. And doing whatever Arianne was doing. Leah was content to hang in her stroller most of the time with a smile on her face. 

After lunch we headed over to the farm. Kate was pretty unsure of the ponies, but we quieted the cries and she survived. She WAS a fan of petting the goats. And she knew just what to do with the green tractor we saw in the store. Leah, in true Leah fashion, was in her element on the ponies. It might have been the highlight of her trip. 

The highlight of mine was definitely seeing my mom hang like a sloth. That takes some serious strength. Don't mess with her!

We were able to visit with Ryan's parents as well a number of times during the trip. And when Ryan got to town, we stayed with them. 

I helped Ryan's dad open a Facebook account. I felt pretty amazing teaching his dad how to do something technological. It was a first. 

Kate helped grandma clean, clean, clean from floor to ceiling before they left. She loved being grandma's special helper. 

They live just a few minutes from Scheels, so we took the girls to ride the ferris wheel. Kate was too short, but she didn't know the difference. We had a great time watching Ryan and Leah go round and round, and then we rode the escalator, which apparently was equally as fun. 

I also got to visit with my grandpa's wife, Patsy. It was so wonderful to chat with her for a few hours and then teach her how to take her first-ever selfie. Her comment when I showed it to her: "I look old." 

Ryan's grandma and grandpa are serving a mission in Ogden to help with the construction of the Ogden Temple. They were so wonderful to take us on a private tour before it was finished. It was fun to see all the ins and outs of a not-yet-completed temple. We watched them put the oxen into the base of the font, polish the cement, cut wood for the baseboards, stencil various designs onto the walls and ceilings, check the fountain and so much more. It was incredible to see the time and care put into building such a holy place. I taught his grandma how to take a selfie too. She was impressed. And we're glad the temple will be finished soon so they can come home soon to Nauvoo!

We had so much fun spending time with our families. It was one of the first times I've actually had a hard time leaving! Now it's everyone's turn to come visit us...

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