Saturday, May 5, 2012

bowling for miss z

Leah was invited to a bowling birthday party for her preschool friend, Miss Z. We love Miss Z because she wears ribbons that match her outfits every day - just like Leah, she has a super cool wheelchair, they ride the bus together, and she's just plain fun.

Leah had a great time and made me realize that the ramp and the bumpers are probably going to be an essential part of all future bowling trips. So amazing! 

The kids bowled, bowled, bowled, ate pizza and cupcakes and helped Miss Z open up all of her presents. It's fun to see all these kids outside of the classroom to view their friendships in a different light. This is Mr. I, who thinks Leah is beautiful. He's right.

It was also fun to see that the bowling alley actually had size 7 shoes for Leah. Tiniest - and cutest - things I've ever seen.

*Miss Z's mom got a great pic of Leah and Miss Z and I'll update when I get it.

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Ann Marie said...

I love that they had a ramp. I can't seem to find an alley that has one:( Leah looks like she had a great time, and I agree, the little shoes are adorable.