Thursday, May 31, 2012

photo a day may

I took an Instagram photo a day challenge during the month of May. I kind of loved it. A reason to take a picture every day. And not always the one you'd expect to take. 

I joined on day 3, so the first two are missing. Day 16 was "what you're reading" - and I think at that moment I was reading the user manual for my pump...and didn't manage to get a picture. Bummer, I know. 

Also, I'm pleased that I only misread one day {not bad for the lack of sleep I got last month!} and did day 24 twice rather than doing day 25 which should have been "unusual". Although, I will say that babies loving tummy time is unusual...and Kate loves it! So, she's new and unusual. It works.

3. something you wore today
4. fun!
5. bird
6. you {there are two of these}
7. someone that inspires you
8. a smell you adore
9. something you do every day
10. a favorite word
11. kitchen
12. something that makes you happy
13. mum
14. grass
15. love
17. snack
18. something you made
19. a favorite place
20. something you can't live without
21. where you stand
22. pink
23. technology
24. something new
25. unusual something new
26. 12 o'clock
27. something sweet
28. the weather today
29. a number
30. your personality
31. something beautiful

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