Sunday, May 27, 2012

grandma and grandpa layton

Grandma and Grandma Layton came to meet Kate!! While they were here we gave them a tour of all the Upper Valley has to offer {Tuck, parks, museums, cheese/maple tasting, church sites and more were obviously included} and in return they simply spoiled us all. It's always fun when grandma and grandpa come! 

After not being able to meet Leah until she was 9 months old, I think this was a special treat for them.

The group pics must be on their camera because I can't find them on mine! But, most of our time was spent doing this anyway:

They helped Leah pot some plants. Our porch is definitely a more beautiful place. 

Grandpa even got to help me get some prints of Kate's feet. She didn't like it. But I'm pretty sure grandpa didn't mind the cuddling involved in helping her calm down.

When they left, our bellies were full, our house was clean and Leah was simply worn out. That pretty much means Grandma and Grandpa are welcome back any time!!

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