Tuesday, May 1, 2012

deere john

Lots of people have asked about our plans for the summer with regards to Ryan's internship. I'll give you the short story because you seriously do not have time for the full version.

Ryan interviews with TONS of companies here at Tuck.
Ryan gets lots of second round interviews.
Ryan gets four fly-out interviews, we'll call them choices #1, #2, #3 and #4.
Ryan gets offers from #2, #3 and #4 before his fly out for #1 is scheduled.
Ryan declines offers #3 and #4.
Ryan interviews with #1 and tells them the offer to tell #2 yes or no is expiring in a few days.
Ryan did not get an offer from #1, so he accepts a position with #2.
Ryan is happy. Maren is happy. Sort of. Mostly because #1 was in the Bay Area and #2 is in China. But, it's cool. We're very happy with the offer.
Ryan has to tell #2 which project he would prefer working on this summer.
Ryan chooses a project based out of Beijing. He hopes he will get it. He doesn't really want any other project.
All in the same day: Ryan gets a voicemail from #1 saying some things have changed on their end and to please give them a call. {Remember, this is his #1 choice.} Also remember that Ryan has already accepted with #2 and will be in trouble with Tuck if he changes his acceptance at this point, if that's even what the phone call was about. Ryan calls them and no one answers, so he leaves a message. As soon as he hangs up the phone, Ryan receives an email saying he was accepted for the Beijing project. A few minutes after the email, #1 calls him back saying they are, in fact, offering him a summer position.
Ryan spends the next few days in complete and utter turmoil {rightly so} trying to figure out what he should do. After talking to lots and lots and lots of people and discussing it over and over and over and thinking and praying and researching and, and, and...
Ryan decides to stick with his acceptance with #2. Which is...drumroll, please...

John Deere!

Yup. He nearly wrote a Dear Deere John to John Deere. {Insert laughter.} He's willing to work out tractor trades with you if there's something you think he might like in return.

And that is the short version. We both feel good about it. You might be wondering HOW we feel good about it when we're having a baby this month and he will be in Beijing all summer? Well, he won't be in Beijing all summer. In fact, this is what his summer could possibly look like:

Yup, with a mix of China, India, Singapore, Illinois {John Deere headquarters} and New Hampshire, that's a lot of miles racked up. He's sure to get a free flight out of that! He will be staying at hotels all summer, which his boss described as "fun for a few weeks. After that, it will be less fun." So, so true. He will be exhausted with work. I will be exhausted with two little ones. But, he gets to work from home for one week in the middle and i'm planning to visit family/friends near the end. AND we both feel really good about the experience he will be getting over the summer and feel like it will lead us to the right job after school.

He has worked so hard this year and we are beyond proud of him for receiving so many interviews and FOUR excellent offers. Here's to Deere!


Amy said...

Wow! That's incredible - what an opportunity. Congrats to you all, and I'm sure you'll be surrounded with countless friends, begging to help you out, if needed. :)

Laura said...

Congrats on all the offers! What an awesome thing to be able to choose. You are amazing to support him after just have a newborn! You never cease to amaze me. And you better get some pink John Deere hats out of the deal ... I know they make them!

Karen Hauley said...

Ryan, we are very, very proud of you and are excited for the experience this summer will bring. Maren, leah, and billy will be taken care of this summer and you will be blessed for your hard work. we love you.

Jen said...

How EXCITING! Congrats Ryan *and you too, Maren*!!

Julia Wade said...

great post and VERY exciting.. sounds like it will be a very busy, rewarding summer. SO very happy for you guys!

Morgan said...

that is exciting! lame that you will be by yourself for a lot of it. maybe the kids and i will have to take a little road trip to hang out with you guys for a few days!

mj said...

Yes please! We'd love to see you. We're coutry folk compared to you but there are some fun places to explore!

ed and kelli said...

can i stow a way in ryan's bag jst so i can go on some fun vacation spots?? can i have a john deere shirt? i mean ed did get him a nice bp camelback:) hahah

Michelle said...

i just seriously love the way you write. love it. that globe is impressive also. what a crazy crazy experience this all is!