Thursday, May 31, 2012

dinner club

I was lucky enough to be part of a dinner club this year - a group of fun, funny, beautiful and simply wonderful women who got together once a month to taste one another's culinary creations. There was a theme each month and, although I joined late in the year, I tasted some delicious Mediterranean, Mexican and breakfast dishes. As some of the women were moving on to bigger and better places {read: there will be a paycheck in their future!}, we decided to go big for our last meeting and go out to dinner. 
back: Heather, Eliza, Chandra, Maren, Kelly, Cassandra
front: Sarah, Tasnime, Emily, Liz
not pictured: Stephanie, Marina, Jenny

We chose a Japanese Hibachi grill and had a great time. We watched our chef toss and twirl sharp knives, light an onion tower on fire {and put it out with a plastic peeing doll} and launch zucchini at our faces. I was one of the few who actually caught the zucchini in my mouth, but there is no picture to prove it. Just my good word. And believe me, it's good.

I will definitely miss the women who are moving on and hope to continue to dine every month with the ones who are staying.

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