Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the leah on the bus...

Big changes are afoot in the Layton household - and I'm not talking about babies. I'm talking about super grown-up five year olds who think they're old enough to take the bus. 

Because they are. 

And it's super cool. 

And they look super cute. 

And because it gives me at least an extra hour every single day. Isn't that crazy? 

I rode the bus with her Monday and Tuesday last week to "orient" the bus driver to her situation and answer any questions he might have. And then he drove me back home. I was such a big girl riding the bus all by myself! So proud. 

To be honest, I did love taking her to school every day and having direct, daily contact with her teachers, therapists and aides. But, I can still take her whenever I want so long as I call the bus garage first to let them know - like I did yesterday when I needed to talk to her teacher. And we have a notebook going back and forth. But, to also be honest, I love that extra time and that the bus basically comes to our doorstep, which will be really nice in a week or two. This will also get her ready to take the bus next year when she's in kindergarten.

The bus driver is great and Leah loves riding with the other kids. And it's just one more way to make her feel independent, which I'm all for.

Plus, who doesn't love this?


Ann Marie said...

Yay for Leah, and you too! Abby rode the bus when Logan was a baby and it was a lifesaver. She looks like such a big girl! Enjoy that extra hour :)

carolee said...

How is it possible that our girls will be in kindergarten soon?! Leah looks too darn cute on the bus.

Amy said...

That last picture kills me - so cute! Certain dads are just meant to have daughters. :)

ed and kelli said...

i cried, i'll admit it...that last picture with ryan just tipped over the edge of cuteness and the waterworks came:)