Sunday, December 13, 2009

brace yourselves

i got invisalign. after 28 years, say goodbye to maren's special tooth. forever.

bites from my apple will no longer look like this:here's my before {note special tooth at top left...i think it's tooth 7, dr. hauley??}:
we'll catch you on the flip side with an after picture in about 10 months.

p.s. i realized just how much i snack during the day after having these on my teeth. it's so not worth it to take them out, eat a snack, then brush and put them back on. this could be a great way to lose those last few pounds!


ed and kelli said...

i know you are happy, bust it's sad to see the special tooth go.:(

Uffens Family said...

I am super impressed with those pictures!

Jen said...

Im surprised Dad didnt put you in braces - he is a dentist, after all. Was Sam not practicing any more when you were teens. Lots of memories in that torture chamber. :-)

Rebecca Parker said...

lucky you! i was supposed to try invisalign out as trial with orthodontist to whom my dad refers most of his work, but was told my case wasn't a candidate:( yep, i get the full meal deal & am goin' heavy metal style in jan for more like 18 mos. as if i wasn't vulnerable enough, now i get to feel like i'm back in jr high?!