Sunday, December 13, 2009

leah's so vintage

so my mom saved some of my dresses from when i was a little girl. i've had them in a box waiting for leah to grow into them. i thought a few of them were 3T, which is what she wears now, so i decided to take a look the other day. my very favorite jumper in the ENTIRE world ended up being a 2T...and a small 2T at that, so i think we missed the boat. but, this dress said 3T, so i tried it on for size. i little on the short side, but i'm pretty sure that was just the style 28 years ago, because the rest of it fit beautifully.
my mom asked me how i felt knowing that clothes i wore in my lifetime are now considered "vintage." i say bring it on. vintage is in. :)
funny thing about this dress is that my good friend rachel asked me if it was mine...because she had one just like it when she was little too! walk down memory lane for both of us. thanks, leah beah.

when i find the picture of me wearing the dress, i'll post it. that's just way too much effort for right now.


ed and kelli said...

isn't that the dress you are wearing when you look like a cabbage patch doll? love it. very cute bean.

carolee said...

How fun is that?! I can't believe your mom had your baby dresses! I better remember to do that. I have a bad habit of being a compulsive D.I. donater!

Karen Hauley said...

This post is a wonderful flash back. You just need a picture of her sitting on your piano bench and wearing this dress. Perfect.