Sunday, December 13, 2009

fa la la la la la la la. :)

at the beginning of december i participated in a double quartet from my ward to sing some carols at our ward christmas party. kind of fun to dress up as victorian carolers. i was a bit disappointed that cousin jeff didn't sport the chops as he promised. next year, jeff. next year.someone please remind me to smile when i sing. i think i am...but i'm not.
isn't mary pretty? i think she's beautiful. mary is one of those people i wish everyone had the chance to know. sometimes i just think of mary and smile because she's such a nice, kind, good person. i love being at her house. i love being with her. sorry to embarrass you, mary. i just think you're great.


Mary said...

I think you're pretty dang great yourself, Maren! Thanks Ü

Karen Hauley said...

Maren, I love your hat. Where was that when I was in hat mode? And is that really Jeff? So serious.