Sunday, December 13, 2009

that canNOT taste good

we always joke that leah has an incredible immune system because she eats, licks and bites everything in sight.

that beautiful chair i repainted and recovered? bite marks all over the arm.

her new crib? looks like it's inhabited by a family of beavers.

sand at the park? a delicacy.

daddy's dirty shoes? yuuuuuuuuummy.

she'll eat anything off the table...when it's not dinnertime. the other day i was cutting up some cheese for dinner and she seemed extremely interested, so i cut off some cubes for her to eat. then i noticed the block i was using looked like this:nice, leah. i know. how dumb am i to leave the nice, big piece next to her little portions? i never learn.

a few days ago, i saw a tiny bit of an orange peel on her chin, so i went to investigate. i found this on the counter:she ate the peel! she took a chunk, ate the entire piece she got in her mouth, then set it back on the counter.

so gross.

at least she eats. at least she eats.


Liz said...

If it makes you feel any better, my Gracie does all the same things. ALL of them: shoes (usually the ones still on your feet), oranges with the peel, her crib (now wrapped in blankets along all the edges), and anything else she can sink her teeth into. We call her our puppy.

Molly said...

Add to that list the chunk of crayon at my house. Then I remembered she likes to bite things and we nixed the drawing idea. :)

Rebecca Parker said...

looks like someone already beat me to comparison re: pets:) who needs a vacuum? you are not alone my dear cousin in this assessment of motherhood?!