Thursday, December 10, 2009

leah jekyll/leah hyde

we've had some jekyll/hyde action going on at our house lately.

this is from our last day in san diego. after an escapade inside denny's. leah hyde may or may not have rubbed ketchup all over the wall.

this is a few nights before that. leah jekyll being her regular, silly self.we much prefer leah jekyll.


ed and kelli said...

leah jekyll is OBVIOUSLY trying to tell you she wants to come visit her aunt down in mexico.. helloie.. she's dancing around happily in a sombrero.. what more does she gotta do to hint to you:)

Jen said...

Leah hyde seems challenging. :-) I have to say that a little giggle came out of me when I saw your expression on your face that seems to say it ALL!