Sunday, December 13, 2009

going commando

yup, it's what you think. today after church, leah ran into her room and went to her CD player first thing. ryan came in to join us and started laughing. so, i peered around the chair and this is what i saw:
if you didn't notice anything abnormal, look down at her ankles. that's her diaper. the one she wore to church. the one that is full and needs to be changed. it totally just fell off and she kept running.

that's what i get for forgetting a diaper cover.


ed and kelli said...

don't you just lOVE that dress. i'm glad mack and bean can be twins you think one day they will hate us for having them have matching outfits?

Dyan said...

Awesome. I am sure that is going to happen some day in our household :) Also, I love the cheese post, I laughed out loud while reading it.

Rebecca Parker said...

that's classic! just wait until leah has a lil' bro, then it'll actually be quite common or the pref will be "in their bellies" in which the shirt comes off & just undies:) pretty much the look my boys go for immed following church every week!!

Karen Hauley said...

Oh, little leah. I love you.