Friday, December 4, 2009

weekend getaway

okay, let's play catch up:

mid-november, we took a quick drive down to riverside to visit him:and his beautiful wife {love the hair!, really!}.
leah rode her first dog. hey guiness. we took naps, and just hung out.

then we drove down to san diego to watch these guys:run a half marathon. except one got sick and couldn't run, so her husband did.
and this guy ran barefoot. that means no shoes. for 13.1 miles. ouch. we walked around coronado on a beautiful evening. leah was our entertainment. i was pretty funny too.
she tried to pull a few shenanigans, but we kept her under control.
ryan even created this make-shift shack for her to sleep in:
worked like a charm! he should have been an engineer, i tell ya. and to her sit still, we tied her to the chair with her blanket. also worked like a charm.
i cheered in my first race. i've never gone to a race that i wasn't running. i guess you could call me a cheering virgin. i loved it! that aforementioned beautiful girl beat her previous time. hip! hip! hooray!

leah cheered too.
i was obviously more enthusiastic.

and then we drove home.

quick. but oh so fun. and oh so worth it to see family. {oh, and to shop at that new 3-story forever 21. must. go. back.}


Kim said...

I love Leah's little boots. And, very familiar with the hotel room rigging.

Karen Hauley said...

Loved these pics. I need to see you guys.

JAZKK Low said...

Riverside! San Diego! HOME!!! Oh how I miss you! Looks like you guys had fun.

ed and kelli said...

love all these pictures. sad we couldnt' come too. i miss you all.

Dan and Heather said...

ahh what a fun trip- it was great to see you and hang out with little Leah- I still find myself singing songs from the backyardigans.

Now it's our turn to come up and visit :)