Sunday, June 24, 2012

amy runs for rett

It's been an interesting journey so far as Leah's mom. For some reason, there's just something about her that seems to bring the best out of people. When others take the time to get to know her - whether it's in person or just virtually - they are often touched. I'm not sure if it's her smile, her twinkling eyes, her blonde locks? But there's just something about her. Oftentimes, friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers will tell me that she has helped them to learn x or reminded them to do y. 

I'm always grateful when others tell me about their experiences with Leah - it definitely buoys me up during the rough days. And every once in awhile someone says or does something that just completely blows me away. 

And Amy did just that. 

Amy and I met back in college and have kept in touch through our blogs. She is the mother or two darling little girls and we often find through pictures and comments that we share a lot of commonalities in style, decor and just plain life. She is a beautiful, positive, happy, productive, loving, talented person and i admire so many things about her.

Amy has never met Leah in person, but has been touched by her nonetheless. I got an email awhile back from Amy informing me that she applied for the lottery to the 2012 NYC Marathon this November...and she got in! But, being the wonderful person she is, she felt like she needed a reason to run. Something to motivate her through the 26.2 miles that will carry her through all five Burroughs - and she chose Leah. 

To quote her, she said, "I can't train that hard and run that far without running for a cause, so I was wondering if I could run for Team Leah Bean. I've been so touched by your experience. Your writing usually leaves me in tears, wishing I could help in some way. It seems that what you're going through is a test of endurance in itself. A marathon, if you will."

Amy wants to run for Leah. For Rett syndrome. For a cure. And I couldn't be more humbled. 

When I read the email, I bawled. And then I read it again. And I bawled again. And again. And again. The idea that someone would endure months of oftentimes torturous training {and she lives in it most likely will be torturous} to complete a marathon in honor of my daughter is too much for words. I couldn't be more honored. 

If you'd like to read more about what Amy said about Leah, check it out here

If you'd like to help out Amy and Team Leah Bean, you can do so here

And you can bet the Layton family will be in central park this November 4th to cheer Amy across the finish line so she and Leah can meet, for the first time, in person. 


Amy said...

tears streaming down my face.... Thank you for letting me do this. I have no words! Other than Thank You. It's already been a great experience, and I so look forward to the next 5 month of training, and the big 26.2 mile celebration on the 4th. It's true - I love your little Leah. There's just something (so many things!) about her! :)

Ryan said...

Amazing! I'm in awe when people willingly step into the Rett syndrome world and offer love and support. We'll be there to cheer you on! Thanks Amy!!

carolee said...

This is seriously so cool! Way to go Amy!! Well be cheering for you all the way from Utah!