Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ktg: one month

Kate the great is growing, growing, growing right before my eyes. It's been a big month for her. She did a few fluke roll-overs and a few fluke smiles, but nothing sure and steady yet. 

She busted through 170 diapers since bringing her home {plus about 30 in the hospital}. 

Her longest stretch of sleeping was 6.5 hours. And she slept 6 hours a few times. I'll take it! 

She eats about every four hours and is ridiculously fast. Like 10 minutes fast {Leah took upwards of 40 minutes for each feeding, so it's weird to get used to!}.

She is sweet as can be, but definitely likes to be held and noticed much more than her big sister did. She quickly rejected the binkie type we used with Leah - apparently she's more traditional. She can definitely keep it in, but spits it right out {sometimes with good distance} when she's done. 

Her one month checkup was a family affair. Big sister had to show her the ropes and assure her there was nothing to be worried about since shots don't come until two months.

And, at one month, she: 
 weighs 10 lbs. 9 oz. {80th%} 
and is 
22 inches long {77th%}. 

We love our chunky Kater-tot.

p.s. For inquiring minds: yes, we will be getting her tested for Rett syndrome. Just not for a few more months.

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Kim said...

Kater-tot, ha ha! Love that nickname.