Sunday, June 17, 2012

dear dad: a poem from l and k

Dear Dad, 
We think you're rad. 

We like it when you kiss our cheeks.
And cannot wait for two more weeks. 

We'll celebrate when you get home. 
Until then, we like talking to you on the phone.

We couldn't have asked for a better pop. 
We hope your zerbits will never stop. 

We love the nicknames you make for us. 
And how you calm us when we fuss.

We love that you've learned to do our hair. 
Your tickling skills are beyond compare. 

You are the very, very best. 
Really, there is just no contest. 

Happy Father's day from us to you. 
We really love you. Yes we do. 

Leah and Kate


Kelli Marshall said...

oh words don't express how much i love this!

Karen Hauley said...

love, love this!