Friday, June 22, 2012


New England had a heat wave this past week. There were a few nearly unbearable days. The nearly 100 degree heat + humidity + no A/C = a very grumpy maren, leah and kate. It was kind of miserable. 

We kept the shades down all day long, tried to {unsuccessfully} cool off with pools and and lakes and sprinklers and kept four fans running night and day. 

The first night I tried to put Leah to bed, but she was just miserable. Not only was it hot, but she can't maneuver her body to get the sheets right or wipe dripping sweat off her face or any of that fun stuff. Needless to say she didn't fall asleep. 

Finally by about 11:00pm it had cooled down a tiny bit downstairs where Kate and I were hanging out. Although the thermostat still looked like this. 
Yes. Ninety degrees. Inside my house. At 11:00 at night. 
I went to retrieve a crying Leah and decided to have a sleepover on the blow-up mattress in the front room. I figured that rather than trying to divide and conquer, we could corral every cooling apparatus in the house and focus on one room. The outside temperature wasn't cool, but it was finally cooler than the sauna it was inside, so I put a fan up in the window and pulled the mattress to the front room. The second I put Leah on it, she smiled a deliriously sleepy smile and rolled right over to go to sleep.

It wasn't the most comfortable night of sleep for me, but Leah slept soundly until about 6am and Kate seemed comfy enough sleeping in her birthday suit in the bouncer. 

And we lived to tell the tale. 


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